Connecting Distinguished Brands, Web Publishers, and Brand Fans!

bluefirePR is all about Brand Advocacy. Within high traffic and social sharing environments, we strive to make the connection between resourceful digital content assets and relevant brand fans. Our mission is to create custom partnerships with web publishers who are interested in strategically integrating authoritative informational resources from prominent brands.

Brand Fans

As the modern day community experts, brand fans are dynamic groups of knowledgeable and overtly interested parties in a respective product or service. Brand fans are loyal and they are eager to engage sites that mention the brand that piques their interest. Typically, the brand fan demographic offers a repetitive source of valuable traffic that is eager to learn more and offer advice to others when and where applicable. bluefirePR specializes in creating digital assets that are advantageous to the brand fan and fan-sourcing efforts.

Web Publishers

Gain access to free digital assets that increase site content offerings and social interaction amidst brand fans. Brand fans are a valuable source of targeted returning traffic and they are a powerful ongoing voice within your relevant niche. By catering to their desire for digital content assets, your site gains authority as a resource in the vertical community and subsequently traffic and conversations compound.


Using a traditional PR model, we distribute digital assets to high-quality targeted web publishing partners. The exposure of these assets to brand fans offers increased share of voice and it helps to positively convey the overall brand message. Through strategic digital influencing, quality brands are able to connect with actively interested brand fans and provide resources that reinforce the strength of the brand and encourage a measurable action.